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Humanoid robot - Torobo

Torobo is a robot developed to accelerate research on industrial applications of full-body humanoid robots. Equipped with torque sensors in all the joints of its arms and waist, Torobo is capable of high-performance impedance control and force control. It can be used to automate tasks that involve active contact with people, the environment, and objects, as well as for applied machine learning research.


Humanoid robot - Toala

Unlike Torobo, Toala is not equipped with joint torque sensors, but it is capable of contact stop and simple impedance control by torque detection based on current value (disturbance observer). Toala is intended for customers who want to verify advanced automation using a dual-arm robot in a more practical way.


Mobile manipulator - Tolon

Tolon is an easy-to-use mobile manipulator that can work in narrow spaces thanks to its asymmetrical arm arrangement and omni-directional mobile base. Tolon is a powerful tool for the R&D of next-generation autonomous robots that combine autonomous movement with image recognition for manipulation, and for the development of robot applications such as material handling, short-distance transport, patrols, etc.

Discontinued Products

We have finished the sales of these products.

Torobo Arm-Hand System

Torobo Arm-Hand System

This is an arm-hand integrated manipulator that combines a force-controllable (impedance-controlled) robotic arm and a multi-axis, multi-fingered hand with tactile sensors. It is ideal for research on advanced object manipulation using machine learning.

Torobo Eye

3D Camera - Torobo Eye

Torobo Eye is a compact and lightweight 3D camera developed as a vision sensor for robots. It uses structured light 3D measurement to acquire high-definition 3D images. It is suitable not only for fixed installation but also for operation mounted on the tip of small- to medium-sized robotic arms including mobile manipulators.

Torobo Arm

Torobo Arm

Our robotic Torobo Arm was developed to accelerate the robotics research of our clients. The arm has torque sensors equipped in all of its joints, is provided with source code (user interface and servo controller), and can connect with major kinematic simulators.

Torobo Arm Mini

Torobo Arm Mini is a small size collaborative robot. It is safe (collision detection), convenient (small, lightweight, DC24V power supply, direct teaching), and dexterous (force and impedance control).



Torobo is a humanoid research platform. It has 6-axis dual arms, 2-axis waist, and 2-axis neck. It can perform the joint torque control with torque sensors equipped in all the joints. The source code for its control is also provided.

Torobo Mobile

Torobo Mobile

Torobo Mobile is a mobile robot that can be customized for the client's request. Only the drive modules are provided as a base, and its width, height, and built-in sensors are all customizable.

Prototype: Precise Omni

Precise Omni is a unique omnidirectional mobile robot. It accurately moves in all directions at high-speed without slippage, guided by an original transmission mechanism consisting of omnidirectional gears and a geared floor.