Tokyo Robotics realizes a more efficient society by creating new robotic applications

In recent years, robots have been widely applied in many fields. Factory automation already has a long history but automation is currently extending to warehouses, farms, offices, and even homes. Our mission is to accelerate this trend and realize an efficient society. Ultimately, we aim to create a society in which robots do boring and dangerous tasks while humans engage in work requiring their mind and heart.

We propose innovative robotic applications by both discovering and creating unknown market needs and technology seeds. Innovative ideas are born from the connection with people and society. Tokyo is among the best places in the world to create novel robotic applications because of its many potential customers, universities and institutes conducting cutting-edge research, and highly skilled small factories. For this reason, our company is based in Tokyo and is named Tokyo Robotics.


Products / Services

Robots and related products


Humanoid robot - Torobo

Torobo is a robot developed to accelerate research on industrial applications of full-body humanoid robots. Equipped with torque sensors in all the joints of its arms and waist, Torobo is capable of high-performance impedance control and force control. It can be used to automate tasks that involve active contact with people, the environment, and objects, as well as for applied machine learning research.


Humanoid robot - Toala

Unlike Torobo, Toala is not equipped with joint torque sensors, but it is capable of contact stop and simple impedance control by torque detection based on current value (disturbance observer). Toala is intended for customers who want to verify advanced automation using a dual-arm robot in a more practical way.


Mobile manipulator - Tolon

Tolon is an easy-to-use mobile manipulator that can work in narrow spaces thanks to its asymmetrical arm arrangement and omni-directional mobile base. Tolon is a powerful tool for the R&D of next-generation autonomous robots that combine autonomous movement with image recognition for manipulation, and for the development of robot applications such as material handling, short-distance transport, patrols, etc.



Logistics Solutions

We offer Torobo GTC, a system that utilizes mobile manipulators for transporting goods directly from shelves to cage trolleys. Unlike conventional picking support systems like Goods-to-Person (GTP), Torobo GTC removes the need for picking stations. This enables a reduction in labor costs and supports 24-hour unmanned operation. Additionally, the system achieves high storage efficiency by enabling direct picking of goods tightly placed on shelves whose height is approximately 3.9 meters.


Datacenter Solutions

We are developing a remote monitoring solution for datacenters. This solution employs mobile manipulators, Tolon and Togrus, capable of autonomous movement, including opening and closing aisle caps. The robots are equipped with cameras whose 6-axis positioning can be remotely controlled, allowing for the capture of images of equipment inside server racks. We are currently conducting demonstration tests in a real-world commercial environment with NTT Communications, E-Mark, and NHN Techorus.


Torobo hammering a nail

This is a demo of hammering a nail. The instantaneous rebound force from the hammer is absorbed through a combination of the elasticity of the rubber material securing the hammer, the deflection in torque sensors and harmonic gears, backdrivability, and impedance control. This allows the nail to be driven with a certain amount of force.

Torobo sawing wood using impedance control

This is a demo of cutting wood with a saw. When using position control for this task, precise measurement of the cutting amount is necessary. However, by using impedance control, this requirement is eliminated, allowing for successful cutting with only rough commands.

Box transportation using a puppet-type teleoperation device

This is a demonstration of transporting a box using a puppet-type teleoperation device. The device can be operated intuitively as the joint configuration of the robot and the puppet are the same. The mobile base is controlled by a controller attached to the puppet's hand.

Torque and Impedance control of Torobo Hand

Our Torobo Hand can grasp objects of any shape using torque and impedance control, without prior knowledge of their exact dimensions.

Table wiping using impedance control

The robot can press down on the towel with appropriate force, making it highly compatible with control by generative AI.

Shock absorption using impedance control

Torobo carrying a 25 kg (55 lbs) bag. Its backdrivability and impedance control help absorb a sudden change in external force.

Torobo Hand

This is a 10-axis multi-finger hand using the world's smallest cycloidal reducer developed by Tokyo Robotics. Utilizing an efficient cycloidal reducer enables impedance control. This allows not only to conform to various object shapes but also to prevent jamming fingers.

Whole-body humanoid robot - Torobo

This video shows the basic performance of humanoid robot “Torobo”, which is used as a research platform for JST’s Moonshot R&D program (Goal 3: Smart Robot that is Close to One Person for a Lifetime).

Shoebox picking with Torobo GTC

This is a demo of shoebox picking using Torobo GTC. The system does not require picking stations, which reduces labor costs and enables 24-hour unmanned operation. Additionally, it offers storage efficiency due to its capability of direct picking from shelves approximately 3.9 meters high.

Shoebox picking with Torobo GTC (with depth)

This is a demo of shoe box picking using Torobo GTC. It can also handle boxes where there are multiple layers in the depth direction (for example, automating operations in fixed locations previously performed manually).

Server check demo at datacenter

This is a demo of a remote inspection solution in a NTT Communications' datacenter. The robot can move autonomously, opening and closing the aisle cap, remotely control the 6-axis posture of the arm, and take pictures inside the server rack using the end-of-arm camera.

Autonomous Case-handling Robots

This is a demo of automatic case handling using a mobile manipulator "Tolon" and a Mobile Gripper(TM). They recognize boxes and conveyors, and conduct the task autonomously.

Whole-body humanoid robot - Toala

This video shows the basic performance of a humanoid robot Toala. By estimating the external force from the motor current value, impedance control is possible without joint torque sensors.

Mobile Manipulator - Tolon

Tolon is a mobile manipulator that can work in narrow spaces thanks to its asymmetrical arm arrangement and omni-directional mobile base. It is ideal for the development of autonomous robots that automate material handling, short-distance transport, security, patrolling, etc.

Remote force control using Torobo

This is an application of a bilateral control system, which can transmit external force of a humanoid robot to its operator. This system is a result of joint development since we were selected for the Open Innovation Program by NTT Communications in 2019.

Remote Control of Humanoid Robot Toala

This is a demo of remotely controlled Toala, a humanoid robot capable of force control without joint torque sensors. Noitom's Perception Neuron PRO is used as the control device. This system is provided as an optional extra of Toala.

Palletizing with Mobile Gripper

This is a demo of automatic palletizing with a Mobile Gripper(TM). By using left and right independent movable grippers and force detection, cardboard boxes are stacked without gaps.

Bilateral control demo of a remote humanoid

This is a demo of force and position control of a humanoid robot from a remote location using bilateral control over a network. This is the result of joint work with NTT Communications.