Tokyo Robotics realizes a more efficient society by creating new robotic applications

In recent years, robots have been widely applied in many fields. Factory automation already has a long history but automation is currently extending to warehouses, farms, offices, and even homes. Our mission is to accelerate this trend and realize an efficient society. Ultimately, we aim to create a society in which robots do boring and dangerous tasks while humans engage in work requiring their mind and heart.

We propose innovative robotic applications by both discovering and creating unknown market needs and technology seeds. Innovative ideas are born from the connection with people and society. Tokyo is among the best places in the world to create novel robotic applications because of its many potential customers, universities and institutes conducting cutting-edge research, and highly skilled small factories. For this reason, our company is based in Tokyo and is named Tokyo Robotics.


Products / Services

Torobo Eye

Torobo Eye

3D Camera SL40

SL40 is a small and light 3D camera designed to attach it on the tip of a robotic arm.

Research Platform

We finished the sales of these products in December 2019.

Torobo Arm

Torobo Arm

Our robotic Torobo Arm was developed to accelerate the robotics research of our clients. The arm has torque sensors equipped in all of its joints, is provided with source code (user interface and servo controller), and can connect with major kinematic simulators.

Torobo Arm Mini

Torobo Arm Mini is a small size collaborative robot. It is safe (collision detection), convenient (small, lightweight, DC24V power supply, direct teaching), and dexterous (force and impedance control).



Torobo is a humanoid research platform. It has 6-axis dual arms, 2-axis waist, and 2-axis neck. It can perform the joint torque control with torque sensors equipped in all the joints. The source code for its control is also provided.


Proof of Concept

We conduct a feasibility study on a contract basis for a new automation application with autonomous robots.

Prototype: Precise Omni

Precise Omni is a unique omnidirectional mobile robot. It accurately moves in all directions at high-speed without slippage, guided by an original transmission mechanism consisting of omnidirectional gears and a geared floor.


Karaage picking

Objects like Karaage whose shapes are irregular can be picked by using segmentation and grasp-position recognition with deep learning and depth detection with a 3D camera.

Cloth folding with Torobo

This is a demo of folding cloth. The folding width is adjusted by using image processing. It was carried out at the request of JUKI Corporation.

Reseach example with Torobo #2

Our Torobo can be used for an intelligent robot that can handle the tools like humans. For the details, see the description of this video in Youtube. The copyright belongs to Chukyo University Hashimoto Lab.

Telepresence robot demo

This demo shows a concept of telepresence robot to be used for remote troubleshooting in a data center. The rack work was done by the actual remote control but the movement between the aisles was controlled on-site.

External force following during P2P movement

Active compliance during a point-to-point movement. Position control and external force following are balanced in a single operation.

Impact force mitigation with active compliance

Active compliance (admittance control) mitigates the impact force at the collision. This function makes the cobot safer.

Collision detection demo with Torobo Arm

Collision detection is achieved with the joint torque sensors. The collision is determined by dividing the torque caused by the motor drive and that by external force.

Reseach example with Torobo #1

Our Torobo is utilized for the research of cognitive robotics / constructive brain science. You can see the details about this movie in the website of OIST Cognitive Neurorobotics Research Unit.

Master-slave control demo with Torobo

This video introduces a master-slave control system with Torobo and Noitom's Perception Neuron®. You can use this system for your machine learning research.

Interaction between Torobo and human

By using the joint torque sensors, Torobo can physically interact with a human as if it had had intention. The copyright of the movie belongs to OIST Cognitive Neurorobotics Research Unit.

Demo #2 at iREX2017

This is a demo of vegetable picking with deep learning. A Torobo Arm Mini is used for this system.

Torobo Arm: Teach and playback

A motion (trajectory) are recorded with the direct teaching and played back. You can see that the trajectory is reproduced smoothly.

Torobo Arm: External force following

The gravity compensation and external force following are performed while having a 5.5-kg weight. In spite of the weight, the arm can follow the operator's touch softly.

Torobo Arm: Position control with a weight

This is a demo of position control with a weight of 5.5 kg. Despite the slow motion, a stable movement is achieved without vibration.

Active compliance with Torobo Arm

Through its active compliance functionality, Torobo Arm achieves external force following, impedance control, and contact stop.