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Tokyo Robotics realizes a more efficient society by creating new robotic applications.

In recent years, robots are widely used in many fields. Factory automation already has a long history but warehouses, farms, offices, and even homes have also begun to be automated recently. Our mission is to accelerate this trend and realize an efficient society. And ultimately, we aim to create a society in which robots do boring and dangerous tasks and humans can concentrate on works that require their mind and heart.

We propose innovative robotic applications not only by discovering unknown market needs and technology seeds but also by creating them by ourselves. The innovative ideas are born from the connection with people and society. Tokyo is one of the best places in the world to create novel robotic applications because there are a lot of potential customers, universities and institutes that conduct cutting-edge research, and highly skilled small factories. This is the reason that we are based in Tokyo and we named the company Tokyo Robotics.




We exhibited our products at the SICE2016 conference.


We exhibited our products at the RSJ2016 conference.


We exhibited our products at the ROBOMECH2016 conference.


We exhibited our products at the JSAI2016 conference.


We exhibited our products at the SICE-SI2015 conference.


We got a fund from the Artificial Intelligence Research Promotion Foundation.


We got a fund from the Shinjuku City Office.


We got a fund from The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.


Tokyo Robotics Inc. was founded.

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We provide a wide range of services and solutions related to robotics:


  • prototyping of robots for your research
  • mechanical design
  • automating a product line and laboratory experiment
  • system integration with sensors and network
  • Cooperation for Nicebot project (Waseda University, JST)


    System design of small-scale warehouse automation



    We love Tokyo and robots.

    Dr. Yoshihiro Sakamoto

    Founder, President

    Yoshihiro has been involved in the fields of both robotics and positioning (indoor and outdoor navigation) for over 15 years as a researcher in Waseda University and as a freelance engineer. He has acquired a wide range of skills and knowledge through his career: robotics, satellite navigation, probabilistic theory, artificial intelligence, embedded system, RF circuit design, FPGA, Windows application development, object-oriented programming, database and SQL, etc. He got his Ph.D. from Waseda University in 2013 with a dissertation focusing on indoor positioning with GPS-compatible signals.

    Yuki Matsuo


    He started his career as a robot developer and a mechanical designer when he was a master course student in Waseda University. He developed prototypes for universities and companies as a contract job. He also developed a gravity compensation arm and a tree-cutting robot for his bachelor's and master's thesis. After two years experience in Toyota Motor Corporation, he founded Tokyo Robotics together with Yoshihiro. His hobbies are customizing his car and exploring ramen restaurants.