Precise Omni is a unique, accurate omnidirectional mobile robot.


It accurately moves in all directions at high-speed without slippage. Accurate high-speed motion is achieved by the original transmission mechanism consisting of omnidirectional gears and a geared floor.




Automation system for laboratories, factories, and indoor agricultural farms

Precise Omni is an effective mobile base for mobile manipulators in laboratories, factories, and indoor agricultural farms. During a task, conventional mobile manipulators combine self-localization (by laser scanners and cameras) with visual servoing, but their accuracy and speed are limited. Because Precise Omni moves without slippage, it performs accurate mobile manipulation based on open-loop control.

Measurement of radio and acoustic waves, and construction of indoor 3D model

Measuring radio and acoustic waves, especially at many measurement points, is a time-consuming task. Precise Omni can automate this task with a precision of less than 1 mm. It also provides a reference when evaluating your indoor positioning system, and (in conjunction with a laser scanner) can be used in 3D model reconstruction of an indoor environment.

Self-propelled camera

Mobile cameras are mounted on heavy rails, which restrict the camera's movement to a straight line. Because the floor panels for Precise Omni are easily set up and the camera is controlled in two dimensions, more efficient shooting is possible.





Precise Torobo-kun

If a dual arm system is mounted on a Precise Omni as shown in the figure, it can accurately complete a manipulation task while moving.




Image Recognition of Obstacles and Real-time Path Planning for a Precise Omnidirectional Mobile Robot (in Japanese)



Related Research

Precise Omni was developed inspired by the Omnidirectional Driving Gear which Professor Tadakuma promotes research in Yamagata University.